UK Games Expo Convention

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By | April 22

UK Games Expo - 10 Years

So when the Trade plans for the UK Games Expo came out, I thought I would have a look and see how to plan my day. Let’s just say this, there are two many stalls to mention and I do plan to go around and have a look at the various demos and talk with the designers.


Vicki Dalton – A8 – Last year, I didn’t get to experience the talents of the artists that were on show. This year, I want to change that. I want to take my time and look around the various artwork that is present at the expo. Vicki has done artwork for games such as Extra Extra and Moshi Monsters.

Hellions Art & She BlackDragonC5 – There is a seminar on Friday 11:00 in the Arden Suite but I want to attend the YouTuber event.

Check them all out.

Friday 11:00 – Draw like a Pro Gillian Pierce (Helions Art) and Linda Jones are both artists with numerous credits for art used in Roleplaying Games.

In this two hour workshop you’ll have the chance to work under veterans Gillian Pierce and Linda M Jones and hone your drawing skills.

Only has 15 available spaces and you must bring your own drawing materials. Once the 15 places are taken other may join the audience but the artists can only work with the 15


Grublin GamesC12 – I first saw Grublin Games last year at the Expo but I was so overwhelmed with the experience that I never had a chance to slow down and admire their ‘Waggle Dance’ game that won an award. This year, I want to interview them in the Press Preview and I’m so looking forward to their upcoming game – Perfect Crime – In my head, it seems like a mix of Payday mixed with Netrunner. I will have to wait for their upcoming news.

District 31E7a (Between James Hayball and Tor Gaming) – I backed the game Ember: A Magical Card Game and also did a review and playthrough of the game. Since I went with the Expo collection option, it makes sense to pop round and talk with Stuart.

CoiledSpring Games C2 – CoiledSpring Games were the first company that reached out to me when I was starting as a reviewer, I believe it was after the video that I did for Maths Dice. Considering that they sponsor the Family Zone, I feel that I should go and check out their range.

Family ZoneC1/D1 – I’m bringing the family to the Expo and going around the main hall might be a bit much for them, therefore I think I’ll be spending most of Saturday in the Family Zone. The people that help out


These are the main ones that I want to see while I’m at the UK Games Expo.

9.00 – 10.45 Press Preview Open Gaming Zone Hall One (Press and exhibitors only)

Gaming Press and Exhibitors have an opportunity to look over the new games before the doors open.

11.00 UK Board game YouTubers: Everything you wanted to know, and more.

Gaming Rules!, Box of Delights, No Pun Included and Actualol discuss making videos. What inspired them to start their own channels, things they’ve learnt along the way, and the challenges they face. They’ll offer tips for people considering creating their own content, cover the different types of videos: rules, playthroughs and reviews, and share their thoughts on the ethics of game reviewing and responsibility they have to their audiences. This seminar will have a lot of opportunity for you to ask your own questions.

It would be nice to attend the Shut Up and Sit Down LIVE podcast and the Dice Tower Live – However, I’ll be out with the family on the Friday and in the Family Room on the Saturday. It looks like a great line up of seminars and if I could, I would attend them all.


I’ve never done CosPlay before so I might keep it simple – I’m thinking of either getting a Black Panther Mask and just wear that or go a bif out there and dress as Finn from the Force Awakens. Son might do the same or go as Kylo Ren or Darth Vader. We’re making a Supergirl or possibly Batgirl for my 2.5 year old daughter. It should be fun.

What I will do is document the process as we make the costumes. *smile*


Facts about the UK Games Expo

What is UK Games Expo?

UK Games Expo (UKGE) is the largest Hobby Games Convention in the UK – where all aspects of the gaming hobby are represented under one roof.

Basic Stats

  • Now in its 10th Year.
  • 14,000 visitors over three days (7000 unique visitors).
  • 150+ Exhibitors
  • Hundreds of seats in tournaments
  • Male/ female mix around 65/35
  • High numbers of families and children.
  • Strong core of hobby games enthusiasts
  • Good opportunity to demo and sell products.

When is it?

UK Games Expo is held on the weekend after the late May Bank Holiday. UKGE 2016 will be held on June 3rd – 5th 2016.

UKGE 2017 will be held on June 2nd – 4th.

Where is it?

It is held in the UK’s largest convention centre National Exhibition Centre (NEC), Birmingham. This year we will be using Hall 1 NEC and the NEC Hilton Hotel.



2 thoughts on “UK Games Expo – Who I plan to visit
  1. Gravatar AndrewAndrew Harman

    That’s quite a short list Steveland – what are you going to do with the rest of your time? Perhaps we can invite you to spend a few naughty minutes at the YAY Games stand playing our new dice tactics game ‘Ominoes’? Have fun when you get there. Andrew.

  2. Gravatar StevelandSteveland Post author

    Like I said, it really was a look at the trade plans and see what drew my attention at first. You were on my plans as I saw the Ominoes Review on Tucan play that game. I look forward to seeing your game, hopefully at the Press Preview and Open Gaming.