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StateCraft – Political Strategy Game – Inside the Box Board

Politics can be a confusing subject for many, and with the US Elections underway and the upcoming referendum on whether Britain should leave the European Union, it’s a wonder why people are baffled by the spin that is pumped out by the media outlets. I’m sure there have been many conversations down the pub where… Read More »

Stand and Deliver – Highwaymen Kickstarter Preview

Highwaymen is a modular tile board game where players are tasked with attempting to rob a stagecoach that is laden with gold and other spoils. Each player works with the others to disable the stagecoach before it leaves the forest. It won’t be easy as there are military escorts surrounding the carriage who have no qualms about stopping you by any means necessary. One dead bandit is not going to ruin their day.

The ‘Perfect Crime’ to hit Kickstarter – Grublin Games

The CCTV is installed. The laser tripwires are active. The alarms are set. The vault door is shut tight and your bank staff are armed. To others, it’s a security nightmare that’s nigh impossible to breach. To you, however, it’s the stage for the Perfect Crime.

Grublin Games (Cornish Smuggler, Waggle Dance, Terralith) are launching an asymmetrical, modern day, tower defence style bank robbery game with fast setup, hidden information, tons of tension, and is based on real life and filmic heists: Perfect Crime.

Perfect Crime is a game for 2-5 players, takes ~90 minutes to play and can be played in co-op, semi co-op or full competitive modes.

Ember – The Magical Card Game Kickstarter Review

Midnight at the Arcane Academy, yet the apprentice wizards are far from their beds; they have slipped away into the woods under cover of darkness to a campfire. Huddled around the flames, the young wizards play a game. Someone has stolen a mote of elemental flame from the Artificer’s Vault, which the wizards will set into the moon-drenched sky and cast spells on. Whoever Conjures the mote into the most powerful mythical creature is the winner. This is Ember.

Dirty Cops: A Game for Scoundrels Kickstarter Review

Mechanics: Take That, Trade, Negotiation Kickstarter URL: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dirtycops/dirty-cops-a-game-for-scoundrels BoardGameGeek URL: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/195007/dirty-cops-game-scoundrels Pros Has good potential for interaction with other players. You cannot remain quiet in this game if you want to succeed. This game will have you cursing your friends (in a good way) for their backstabbing ways. Good theme, the mechanics make sense and draw you… Read More »