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Sub Rosa: Spies for Hire Review

Board Game Sub Rosa

Sub Rosa means “under the rose”, and is used in English to denote secrecy or confidentiality. The rose as a symbol of secrecy has an ancient history.

I had the chance to get a preview copy of Sub Rosa: Spies For Hire from Robin David. Sub Rosa is a bidding and bluffing micro game for 2-4 players where the objective is to bid for agents, and at the end of the game be the spymaster who has the most agents.

It’s Robin’s first game on Kickstarter and the goal is to raise €1,400.

Ember – The Magical Card Game Kickstarter Review

The Magical Card Game Ember

Midnight at the Arcane Academy, yet the apprentice wizards are far from their beds; they have slipped away into the woods under cover of darkness to a campfire. Huddled around the flames, the young wizards play a game. Someone has stolen a mote of elemental flame from the Artificer’s Vault, which the wizards will set into the moon-drenched sky and cast spells on. Whoever Conjures the mote into the most powerful mythical creature is the winner. This is Ember.

Dirty Cops: A Game for Scoundrels Kickstarter Review

Mechanics: Take That, Trade, Negotiation Kickstarter URL: BoardGameGeek URL: Pros Has good potential for interaction with other players. You cannot remain quiet in this game if you want to succeed. This game will have you cursing your friends (in a good way) for their backstabbing ways. Good theme, the mechanics make sense and draw you… Read More »

Wicked Uncle, this way comes

Welcome readers, Now, this article is going to be different from the others that I have posted on my site so far. This review is going to be about an online retailer called ‘Wicked Uncle’. Wicked Uncle pride themselves on being able to provide gifts for children of all ages, whether they are 2 or… Read More »