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By | October 20

I thought that I would highlight some projects that have caught my eye this week and if you like the look of them, then go visit the page and help them out anyway you can.

The Football Game by London Board Games Company

Have you ever dreamt of owing a football team that’s stuck in the Blue Shield Leagues and being the top Manager that takes them from the depths of absurdity to the dazzling heights of the Premiership League. Well now you can with The Football Game. I had the pleasure of visiting the London Board Games Company booth at the UK Games Expo and it was such a delight. The booth was busy during the whole weekend and Mark was very enthused and you could see the passion that he had for this game. They are currently funded and it’s all about the stretch goals. So grab that tracksuit, style your perm and prepare to shout tactics while waving your arms like a mad man trying to get your players to listen to you.

 Code 7

I remember the old text games like Zork and the numerous games that you used to get on the C64 and C16 where you would have to type n, get torch, hold torch, light torch and hope that you could do all that before the killer orc killed you. Now, there is a game from Zein & Kevin where you are an operator who has to explore a creepy space station trying to figure out what the heck is going on. It features professional voice acting which I personally like having played the demo (Video soon to be up) and while you do not get the freedom to actually type commands, the auto complete does not take away from the hacking nature of the game. It looks interesting and brings a much needed ommph to text games.


  I’m the Angel of Dice and anything to do with Angels, Demons, Hell and Heaven is going to get my attention. It just will. So, I have a look at the page and BAM. Stunning artwork. Here is a quote from the page regarding the overview/lore.  This is Pugatory by Underestimated Games Limited.

It is the Age of Purgatory. Our planet is aflame, shattered and broken by the devastating after effects of the War for Heaven. Led by Satan, Angels that once stood guardian over our realm use our world as a battleground where titanic energies and colossal beings wield powers far beyond our comprehension, murdering and enslaving humans by the million. Mankind teeters on the edge of obliteration, but there is hope. Those still loyal to the Gods have been dispatched to right the terrible wrong of their fallen kin.

There are reviews on the page, so have a look and see if this project is for you. I, for one just love the look of the models and the potential for a rich thematic storyline which as said above, I’m a sucker for.

I actually need a good avatar to represent the ‘Angel of Dice’.


Steal This Game

Conventions are a very busy place with lots of people milling around. With that many people, there are going to be some rogue members around trying to take advantage. This is what happened to Ludicreations and others at Essen 2016. Their cashbox got stolen. Not one to be defeated, they came up with a new game based on their real life experiences. Hey, you design/write what you know. What they came up with was ‘Steal This Game’. While it personally is not my cup of tea if I saw this in my store or online, it does look like an interesting quick game that has a simple set of rules and some strategy behind it. Rahdo did a quick run through while he was at Essen. Check it out.

Band Manager – Backstage Clash

I like music, especially playing the guitar and I have played in front of people even if it was parents at my school – I still performed, damn it! I recieved a review copy and while it was a bit unclear on how to start (wasn’t sure if you had more than just the passion cards), we finally made good on it and had a decent time playing it (and this is with players that are new to the hobby). Another quirk of this game is that the board is a t-shirt which I’ve never seen before. This game is good if you like negotiation between players while still trying to be the ‘Lead Singer of the Band’ *sorry, Eminem lyric just popped into my head*. Playing the game, I don’t get a Backstage Clash as the title suggests. I might have called it Band Manger – The Rise to Fame and Glory. However, I’m just a guy that plays games not a PR guru. Check it out.

The Hacker’s Guild

I don’t know much about this, but I’m a sucker for Hacker, Cyberpunk type games where you have the chance to infiltrate systems and use your skills to be the best. However, apart from the gameplay which you can see on the page. I have to admit that I’m a sucker for the artwork which attracted me to it in the first place. Don’t take my word for it, click the link and netscan to your hearts content.

The mAIden Voyage

This isn’t a Kickstarter, but a game in development. With the recent Mars Games, and the recent news regarding the European Space Agency Mars Mission (Schiaparelli probe), I find it fitting to showcase this game to the wider audience as it’s always good to let upcoming games receive the spotlight among the millions (ok, maybe thousands) of board games that are produced year on year.

The Story So Far…

The mAIden is a fully Artificial Intelligence (AI) controlled spaceship that has been infiltrated by Saboteurs who want nothing more than its mission to fail. We join the mAIden shortly after the Saboteurs have set off an explosion in the AI Core. In an attempt to save itself, the mAIden downloaded her key algorithms into the previously mindless AI-bots. They now each have their own unique quirks and specialisms.

You take on the role of an AI-bot with the aim of safely guiding the mAIden and its crew of Scientists to their destination. You must avoid asteroids, deal with unexpected events, help the Scientists into Deep Stasis, collect supplies by visiting planets and keep the ship in a good state of repair. The success of the mission is in your hands…

If you like what you see, then please let me know via comments. Subscribe to my YouTube channel by using the link on the sidebar and let me know what KickStarter games you’re looking forward to.



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