Preview: Kickstarter – Lab Wars:Science based card game

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Card Game Lab Wars

Lab Wars - Coming soon on Kickstarter

When it comes to science, I’ve always had an interest in it. Heck, it was what I was focusing on when I was still in secondary school (11-18). I completed my Double Science with good grades and chose to do all three sciences for A-Levels (Biology, Chemistry and Physics). It didn’t turn out as well as it could have and I didn’t get the grades I wanted but I still had the interest to go on to University to do Aerospace Engineering.

Blue Logo Lab Wars

Game Сharacters Lab Wars

When I was younger, I was really into Star Trek, I remember opening up an electronics book and the Star Trek Technical Encyclopaedia and trying to understand how phasers and the communicators worked.

The ironic thing is that now at 37/38 years old when I don’t have to base a career on it or even have to do it for exams (I do not miss 3 hour exams on fluid dynamics), I probably understand the equations and the concepts behind engineering, chemistry (Never could get on with balancing equations) and biology (Krep’s cycle anyone??).

This upcoming game called Lab Wars is being designed by Kuly Heer and Caezar Al-Jassar – designers who are involved in the science arena and possess Ph.D.’s. So in their spare time, they came up with the concept of Lab Wars.

The good point about the game is that Lab Wars ( does not require scientific knowledge, you don’t need to have a degree and you don’t have to perform advanced level calculus to figure out how much action points you have left.

I like the idea of science based games and it looks like it might be educational for my children, so I’m excited to see how this game turns out. I’ll be on the look out for it when I go to the UK Games Expo.

With all the games that are vying for attention this year, and since the wife and I love deck building games, this is going on our list of things to watch out for. If I get the chance to play test it, I’ll jump at the chance.

As more details come out about it, I’ll keep you all updated.


The science themed card game where you build up your lab and sabotage your competitors all for scientific glory!

Details about the game

(Taken from Lab Wars – How to Play Page)

Lab wars is a fun 2-4 player card deck building game, taking 20-45 minutes to play depending on players.

During each turn each players may play one of their five characters (research team) in a blind reveal mechanic. Each character gives you a bonus and the ability to sabotage the reputation of your competitors! But watch out, your competitors may be after your reputation too!

Next, during their turns each player plays cards from their hand (conduct an experiment) that allow the purchase of face up equipment that allow you to specialise in a certain area which when played in combination with other cards allows dramatic plays and sabotage to be conducted! You may then use your technical bonuses on the equipment cards to purchase impact points which ultimately win you the game!

Watch out though, action cards may also be available to be purchased as these will allow devastating sabotage against your competitors! What’s really fun about these cards is they are based on REAL LIFE events we as designers have encountered, heard about or researched! Just try not be radioactively poisoned